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With a qualified and professional audience, the São Paulo Intenational Wine Trade Fair hosts executives involved in wine purchases and sales, as restaurants and bar owners, buyers of wholesale chains, supermarkets, cellars, importers and distributors managers, sommeliers, consultants for wine lists at bars, restaurants, hotels, cruises and countless businesses where wines are purchased and consumed.

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Required to enter the pavilion.

• Name (just a name and a surname; 25 digits as in Greg Vichers)
• E-mail (justt one address, able to receive our messages)     I would like to attend the Congress
• DDD Phone (justt one line, as in 73 999787444)
• Position/ Job Function     I am a Specialized Journalist

• Company (just 25 digits)
• Company´s ID (999999 if not available)
• Address (as in 342 Churchil St, 2nd Floor)
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• Company´s Activities (related to Wine)

  • Clic the send button once and wait for confirmation screen.
  • Print the confirmation screen and show it at the Entrance.
  • If you´re in trouble to send, fill the form, print and show it at the Entrance.